what to pack in camping first aid kit

What to Pack in Your Camping First Aid Kit

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what to pack in camping first aid kit

Being prepared when camping with a good first aid kit makes all the difference. A well-stocked first aid kit can literally be a life saver.

To help you make sure you’re ready for whatever you may encounter while traveling or camping, here is a checklist of items you will want to make sure you keep stocked in your first aid kit.

Basic First Aid Supplies to Bring camping

Adhesive Fabric Bandages in Assorted Sizes – make sure to also include Butterfly Bandages

Aloe Vera Gel (for sunburns)

Antacid Tablets

Antihistamine Medications (ie: Benadryl)

Antibacterial Ointment

Anti-fungal Creams/Lotions

Anti-Diarrhea Medication

Antiseptic Wipe Packages



Blister Treatment (ie: Moleskin, Glacier Gel)

Burn Ointment

Cotton Swabs

Disposable Medical Gloves

First-Aid Manual

Eye Drops

Eye Wash Solution

Gauze pads (various sizes)

Hand Sanitizer

Hydrocortisone Cream

Ice Packs

Insect Relief Ointments & Gels (Afterbite)

Injectible Epi-Pen if applicable

Laxative (ie: Miralax, Ducolax)

LED Headlamp (preferred over a flashlight as it’s hands-free)

Medical adhesive tape

Motion Sickness Medication (good for long car rides, Benadryl can also be sometimes used)

Oral Thermometer (non-breaking/non-mercury)

Pain Relief Medications – Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen

Petroleum Jelly

Poison Ivy Treatment

Rolled Bandages

Tooth Repair Kit/Toothache Gel


Safety Pins


Snake Venom Kit

Splinter Removal Kit

Tips for Packing Your First Aid Kit

1. Choose A Durable Container

Make sure you use a waterproof container to hold all the items to prevent them from getting wet. Many products exist specifically as waterproof first aid bags.

2. Take Inventory and Restock Items before each camping trip.

You should always make sure that you have enough of every item before you leave for your camping trip. Another good idea is to always check expiration dates on your first aid kit medications before camping trip. You don’t want to get to camp only to realize the cold medicine you packed is from 2007.

3. Read up on First Aid/ Bring a Reference

First aid supplies are only as useful if you know when to use them and what to use them for! Before you go camping, it’s smart to read up on basic first aid tips.

You may also want to pack a pocket-sized reference book in case you might forget important things like medication dosages or different procedures for different problems.

Hopefully this list will prepare you for anything you might need during your camping list. Do you have any additional ideas for things to include in a first aid kit for camping? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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